Why Soul in Hands?

  • LOCATION: Glendalough is the right place to find peace and connection with your own nature. Soul in Hands is a Massage business based in Glendalough Area  (Glendalough House, Annamoe) with the idea to be harmonious with the environment and empower this feeling of peace within you.

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  • HONESTY: My mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of every client, reducing stress, physical and mental pain, improving personal empowerment and facilitating self-healing and better body performance. I do not promise to “fix” anything in your body as I am not a “mechanic”, but my hands will help you to understand any imbalance in your body to improve it. For that purpose education will be part of the sessions. Whenever I am not able to meet your needs or help you after a maximum of 4 sessions, I will refer you to another professional from my Networking (if available).


  • GENEROSITY: Massage is available in different forms and budgets to meet your needs (see treatments). Temporary promotions and seasonal offers are always available. Participation in voluntary work and fundraising for the community are both part of my business.


  • PROFESSIONALISM AND CARE: Empathy, care, trust and confidentiality are my hallmarks as a professional therapist. Within my therapy, clients feel safe and cared for. I take time to listen if you have something to express verbally or non-verbally at any stage of the treatment. I care about your confidentiality and understand the importance of this in small communities. I give particular consideration to elderly clients and those with special needs or their carers.


  • HOLISTIC AND COMPLEMENTARY APPROACH: I understand my profession as “complementary”, not “alternative” to the health system and other forms of therapy. A massage therapist does not diagnose any condition; if I suspect you require a check up I will refer you to your doctor. My approach is holistic, which means that I assess your mind, body and soul and how you interact with your environment to influence your health.


  • QUALITY: My commitments are:
  1. To use the best natural products I can to provide massage.
  2. Continuous Professional Development.
  3. Continuous assessment of my business.
  4. Observation of and compliance with the standards of the different bodies, alliances and associations to which I belong.


  • NETWORKING: I attend different professional networks to guarantee the best interest of my clients and ensure the professionalism of my business.
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