Why massage?

Massage is suitable for every person independently of health condition (there are a few contraindications to take into consideration)

Massage is holistic because attends the whole levels of our body:  physical (motor, body systems), mind  (thinking), emotional (feelings, behaviour, caring) and spirit (values,  beliefs, life meaning, transcendence)

To name just a few benefits that are well proved:

  • Helps to get the most of our bodies, assisting body systems in functioning at optimum level, for example, improving muscle tone, blood circulation, speeding up digestion and waste removal.
  • Releases tension and sore muscles and joints improving flexibility.
  • Increases fitness capabilities and performance potential.
  • Prevents injuries and speeds recovery.
  • Eases relaxation and good sleep.
  • Helps to prevent and treat illness in chronic and acute state.
  • Helps to manage stress, anxiety, bereavement.
  • Helps to get balance in our life, boosting confidence and positive emotions.
  • Improves body figure and image.
  • Provides care and comfort in palliative care.

The most important! at the same time YOU WILL FEEL GREAT.

Talking from my own experience when I went to get massage for first time was because I had sore neck and back ache, I just needed a relief.

I kept going once at week or the odd week, during a few years.

Why did I keep going? because I started to feel great, the sessions were lovely, though, sometimes feeling pain, but not as a norm. Physically I was better, stronger too, but I started to be much more aware of my feelings, of my whole body, my posture and my body image improved. I was much more grounding. As a consequence, my actions and behavior improved too, I was more active, creative, less tired, more focussed, more jolly, more fair with myself and others, more ME. I finally decided  to reduce stress, managing better my life, daring to make more decisions just for my own good. I just got balance.

Now, whenever I lose balance again, I soon realize I get sick, sore, stressed, or I just lose my horizon in a way or another. Massage gives me vision and a good boost to move again towards my centre. Yes, this therapy gives me power to keep in balance. My massage therapist was amazing, which of course, it is really important too. She watched all my process without judgement, sometimes using words as well to give me clues or relating body tension  with emotions, others using deep pressure moving knots, always with her presence and gentle but firm touch (I will never forget to spanish Carmencita, my massage therapist, today she reminds as my muse in my own practice).

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