What to do to ease tension III

This is the final chapter about tips to help you to ease tension in your body:

1- Why not to start with Hydrotherapy: Do not worry, the word might sound complicated but this could be so simple as having a shower (getting a good stream of water on the back, swapping temperatures from hot to cold…); getting a bath; submerge your knees, wrists… in cold, nice pure water….like the sea, a lake …or just a basemen at home; using six alternate 30 second applications of hot and cold towels, is safe, effective pain-relieving treatment; . This simple treatments are safe and effective pain-relieving treatments and may help you to relax and get rid of bad energies that your body kept during the day. They will help you to sleep too.

2.- Using a wrapped towel around your back holding both ends with your hands and vigorously moving your towel in dry action. This will increase circulation in the area what eases pain.

3.- Joints mobilisation: To warm up and lubricate the joints  you need movement, this will keep your joints healthy and as a consequence healthy bones and muscles too. Go from neck to toe moving slowly and gentlyin all the ways each articulation allows you.

4.- Gentle stretchings: there are plenty examples of this on different websites and on you tube. When you have a pain, say in your neck, stretchings will help if you do it very gentle and being sure you don’t hold your breath, as this will work against you. If you are not sure about how to do this better leave it.

5.- On the floor, lying down on your back, put your knees up and make circular movements with them. This is a nice way to massage your lower back and buttocks.

6.- Massage using a ball to safe your hands or to reach all those areas where your hands are not accesible (with a tennis ball or a golf ball for deeper pressure ): I really prefer a tennis ball, but certain areas like the hands need a golf ball, . How to do it? just put the ball between your back and a well, feel the pressure you are confortable with and then start to move up and down to get a nice massage, insist on those areas you feel very tight. You might use as well a pillates ball or a basket ball for the back area when lying on the floor. There is a nice video on soul in hands facebook page demonstrating a self-massage with a tennis bal.

7.- Visualization of a ball of fire: close your eyes and have a deep breath, concentrate on your breath and then in the area of your body where you feel pain. Take a deep breath doing this, and when you are ready start to visualize a ball of fire on the place you are feeling the pain, this ball of fire is more intense as you breath deeply. Keep doing until you feel the area is warm and the pain eases.

8.- Massage using your own hands wherever you reach (knead, vibrational movement, percussion)

9.- If you have two chinese balls that would help you to balance the whole body: they are special balls that train your hands muscles.

10.- Shake your body as if you were trembling and then rub your hands all over like if you were cleaning out energy from your body, shake your hands then like throwing out that bad energy. Scratch your head with your finger tips and then pull your hair.

Now, don’t go to watch tv, have a warm water, a nice hot drink and then go to bed, but tomorrow remember to start to do some EXERCISE, 20 minutes gentle walk will do until you gain strength.

Gentle exercise is the best way to prevent and treat pain, unless you are told otherwise by your health practitioner. Don’t think there is not solution for you or that is too late for you, because all of them are excuses, change your attitude or your attitude will make you ill.

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