What can you do to ease muscle tension (II)

In the previous post I mentioned how important is the holistic view of a symptom to achieve healing.

In the present post I review a few techniques that you can recover from your memory to provoke immediate relief. This are instinctive techniques and I use the verb “recover” because, probably you already know all of them, perhaps your mother or a loved one used on you, or just yourself. I will ask you to visualize yourself doing this:

a) Think how is your reaction during a stress moment… picture yourself doing some work, driving or…Feel how your neck and shoulders are stiff and achy. You might picture yourself doing things instinctively to relief tension, like moving your neck from side to side and trying to squeeze the muscles on your shoulders.

b) Other situation you can visualize is when you have a terrible headache. What is the first thing you do? (drugs are not involved)… probably you touch your temples or your front to ease some of that tension, am I wrong?

c) What about those times your body is all stiff, say after a match or a hard day work: does taking a shower or bath help you to ease your muscle tension? Or a few stretching exercises of your fingers when you spend hours typing on the computer?

d) Last situation I will ask you to visualize is when you have a toothache (horrible pain) and you realize that putting your palm on your cheek calms your nerves a bit… what about the other horrible pain that women experience sometimes, premenstrual pain, yes! you guessed! well a hot water bottle or a warm pillow over your belly does the trick to calm your pain a bit.

Definitely, touch it is a healing art. Sometimes healing is about common sense, if we give ourselves the space to awake to our senses and take care.

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