I was feeling very down this morning, my thoughts were messing me around, as a consequence of that my body was feeling very tired and I got pains and aches.

I was having a kind of day I wouldn’t like to be in my company, thank God I didn’t meet anybody, otherwise I would have thrown out my junk towards the first one crossing my way. Yes, I do have days like that, and that’s alright as long as I control my emotions.

My feelings were a mixture of low mood, apathy, low energy and frustration. It could have originated with a hormonal change, or it could have been a way to say “that’s it” to something that it is bothering me, or a bad way to administer my personal frustrations… Whatever the cause of my feelings, it doesn’t really matter… what matters is what I feel and what I do with it (reactions).

I had a moment of inspiration and I decided to go for a walk (I live in Glendalough for goodness shake! this is a great spot). Anyway, I thought there was nothing better I could do, as I didn’t want to be wandering around all day feeling sorry for myself or, perhaps upsetting a loved one who doesn’t deserve to receive my anger. This moment of inspiration was enough to kick myself out and I started to walk towards Nature.

My God! What a transformation! As I was walking I was feeling my bad emotions dispelling in the soft rain and, I started to feel a nice smile spreading across my face without any effort, any cause. The smile brought up a nice heat in my whole body. As I kept walking I appreciated the beauty from Nature, my thoughts were transformed from worry to gratitude. I felt more and more energized and the pain and aches began to fade.

When I arrived back home I was doubly happy, because I was able to recognize the beauty of the way I had just walked in Nature and within me. I had not giving in to the easy way; I had not lost control and let myself go with the bad emotions all day. Instead, I engaged myself choosing consciously to connect with my positive side. Frustrations were transformed for gratitude.

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