1. Create the space and time to have a lovely breakfast,. Breakfast is one of the most important meals. Enjoy that time. Porrige with some honey and berries or a poach egg with some tomatoes on brown toast, a natural juice, mmm yummy!
  2. Do not stay at home in your pyjamas. My mother always was telling me this and, I feel it now as a truth. The lesson is, if you stay in your pyjamas, something happens in your brain that leads you to a lazy day, a day where you are not taking care of yourself. The same works when you get back home from work. Take off your working clothes and slip into something more comfortable.
  3. Decide to keep a smile on your face. Say to yourself, “I will accept it whatever happens today , and will keep my good attitude. There are always two ways to deal with a situation whatever is the resolution, with a bad or good attitude”. Did you know that anger, like other negative emotions causes distress in your body? Remember that you have the power, and you can learn to control your emotions, not hiding, but transforming them.
  4. Make space to have a walk in nature if possible (you are in Ireland, so, that is possible!). I think this is one of the best ways to exercise your body, mind and spirit. It helps to improve your body fitness and tone, clears the mind and connects you with your inner God. If this is not possible, practice a few stretches at home. If you do not exercise everyday, try to do something at least 4 days at week. You do not need money to exercise. Do not rush, and if there is a time that you are not able to practice, do not give yourself a hard time, it is not useful, there are days when we just have to accept we are not in good form. Do not worry, just add a day more next week and stick to that.
  5. Clean your wardrobe. Have you noticed that when you tidy up your room you feel better? This has more impact on your life than you can realize.  Cleaning your wardrobe is a symbolic way to leave your past behind and let new things come to you.  So, recycle your old clothes, bring them to charity organizations, organize for a car boot sale, barter with them, tear up your attachments.
  6. Be organized, finish what you start, do not leave tasks open otherwise the effect will be a collection of “I should have done”, “I have to do”, “I do not have time”, “I am not able to”, “I never get this or that done”. Is this familiar to you? These negative thoughts harm self esteem which will trap you in a vicious circle, affecting not only your effectiveness towards what you do, but your energy levels and body. How to break it? Focus on what you do when you are doing, one thing at the time, the present is now and only that exists. If you are at work concentrate on what you are doing and do your best. If things go wrong do not blame yourself, you always can learn from mistakes (that is life!). When the working day is over, switch off, there is a time for every thing. Getting 10 daily habits will help you to organize your time, and gives structure to your day.
  7. Say these magical words everyday to some one, and feel it deeply:  “I love you”, “forgive me”, “I am sorry” and “thank you”. Say it especially when the words do not want to leave your throat, you will feel your energy is transforming within you as you are saying them.
  8. Touch someone you appreciate with your salutations and get touched,  kiss always those whom you love. Understand your space limits and work on it.
  9. “Waste” your time at the end of your day, it is healthy! Do not occupy your day with things to do or checking emails or websites at home all day. Enjoy the moment doing nothing, this is not wasted time, your brain, your body and your whole spirit will appreciate it.
  10. Enjoy a cultural event, live music, dancing or travel (not necessarily overseas) at least once a month. This will feed your spirit! Alcohol with these activities does not necessarily go together.
  11. Usually, when we have lot of things to do and family to take care of, we forget the small moments with friends or other members of our family. Send an email to a good friend or give him/her a ring, just saying hello sometimes is enough to remind them that you are thinking of them. If you want to receive love you have to cultivate love for others. Have initiatives!
  12. Play with your children, they are great fun. I remember when I was stressed at work, I used to go to meet my little cousin. I felt amazed by the effect that she had on me, so I was able, in her presence to switch off straight away, just paying full attention to her. Children always give you a nice energy if you connect with them. Sometimes you will probably think that they might be the cause of your stress, but think honestly why, sometimes we are just not connecting with their energy or we do not give them quality time, which does not mean more quantity, but better time.
  13. There is a time for everybody. Pamper your self, do something for you everyday (a mask on your face, a bath, cultivate your hobbies, have moments of silence, write, read, get viagra pas cher a nice massage, dance on your own at home, buy yourself flowers or pick them…). Do some of the things you always say you do not have time for because, probably those things are really important, those things are probably the ones you feel passionate for.
  14. Cultivate your sexuality. Having sex is just a minuscule part of your sexuality. Sexuality is minding your body, understanding it, recognizing  your emotions, communicating them; sexuality is expressing your erotic; sexuality is looking in your own eyes in the mirror or look into the eyes of another person; sexuality is loving and being loved; sexuality is intimacy.  You cannot neglect your sexuality as you cannot neglect your own existence to others. Work on your attitudes, free your worries, see yourself “naked”. Sexuality might be a very important part of our lives when it is so easy to get pleasure or harm from that, (we might feel we are in heaven or in hell). So, please, do not forget yourself.

I wrote this post just to remind myself these few things I write about. Thanks for listening.

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