There is nothing like receiving an experience as a gift, mainly if you are not a lover of “things” or you think the other person has almost everything or, perhaps you don’t know what he/she would like . I believe massage is the perfect gift for almost everyone in every occasion, as you are settling an intention for that person to be well and to take care of her/himself.

Gift vouchers, give joy

Buy gift vouchers for certain amount of money and leave it open for your receiver to choose the treatment.

Terms and Conditions:

  • There is not expired date in Soul in Hands vouchers.
  • Gift vouchers are only purchased for a money value. Session time, type of treatment or offers are not included as prices might vary overtime.
  • Vouchers must be shown on the date of the treatment.
  • It is possible to transfer your voucher to someone else if you are not able to redeem it.


You can pay with your card over the phone and I can post it/ email it to you. Or otherwise you can pay and collect onsite.


In this business word of mouth is key. Please if you like the treatment say to others, if you didn’t like it, tell me, help me to improve!

Always Grateful.

word of mouth

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