Soul in Hands brand

When I thought about setting my own massage business, I started to reflect about the Soul

What is the Soul?  I knew what it was, but how to explain it?

These are the ideas that started to emerge and how my business was born:

Soul is the self, the “I”, the uniqueness of a person,
Soul is where the truth is, the pureness,
Soul is Life, Breathing…
Soul is the mind in the peaceful state, or the heart in an expression of joy and tranquility at the same time,
where all is good, where there is not judgement, only acceptance.
Soul is coming back to the child in you.
Sometimes we dismiss the Soul, but is always there,
We go back to the Soul when we clear the noise,
when our values, emotions, thoughts are coherent with each other,
when we are fully presence,
when we are fully connected with Earth and Universe.

When I finally chose my business name as “Soul in Hands Holistic Therapy I knew that was the Eureka! moment. (Thank you to my family and friends whom contributed during this process of clearance).

Soul in Hands express my mission, my passion and what I wanted to do.
Soul in Hands Massage Therapy mission is to Touch your Soul,
and I know, I only can do that, having my own Soul in my Hands.
This is my brand and hope this could be useful for you.what massage is
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