Corrective Massage Treatment (sports or chronic injuries)

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Joint manipulation technique


Kinesiotaping new addition to my therapy

  • For correction of injuries:

The aim is to promote faster healing and recovery from injury.

Based on advantage techniques from sports and orthopaedic massage, to address not only sports injuries but occupational injuries of everyday life. In this case I spend time assessing your posture and range of motion and I perform different test to localize the problem. I treat your injury, sometimes more than one session is required, and I give you advice to follow at home (essential in your process of healing).

Massage therapists don’t do diagnoses, for this reason I encourage getting an accurate diagnosis from a doctor if necessary, before the treatment. I will refer you to a physician or other therapist as appropriate if I consider they could be of greater benefit to you. Depending on the nature of your injury and the following of advise at home you will need more or less treatments, but expect the need of a few sessions. Your commitment to the sessions and home work is essential for the success of this therapy. Kinesio Tapping is an additional service available to improve your injury between sessions.

Therapeutic tools might be used during the treatment if considered of benefit: gua-sha, cupping and gravity and aromatherapy customised blends are used during all the treatments.

Duration: 1st treatment at least 75 minutes as includes consultation and tests. Following session 50 minutes.


  • For condition and prevention:

When you are a sports person you should consider massage therapy in regular basis to maintain your flexibility, to improve performance and to prevent injury. If you listen your own body you will know exactly when you need to get a treatment. These massages are more pleasant and enjoyable and generally pain free. It is best to get it on a resting day.

The benefits to get a conditioning massage are:

  • Allow you to recover from everyday training load.
  • Assess and treat a minor injury before it becomes worse.
  • Help you reduce the risk of injury.
  • Relieve tender areas before they become a problem.
  • You tune with your body in a connecting, calming and restorative personal time.
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