Soul In Hands Signature Full Body

My best seller!

This massage is for balancing, restoring and healing your body.

The aim of this massage is to give you space to release physical and emotional tension and to gain personal balance.
My clients always highlight the feeling of caring and safety that this massage provides, creating the right environment to let go.

I use techniques based in the following: holistic massage, aromatherapy, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, energy balance techniques and Rosen Method bodywork. I encourage breathing techniques during the whole process.

During this massage I might use tools if I consider of benefit for the client: gravity, gua-sha, cupping, hot packs and towels, parafine wax, etc…

This is ideal for people suffering chronic conditions and those looking for massage to keep in balance and release stress.

The results are empowering and preventative, because getting this massage in regular bases maintains your whole being in good shape, improving circulation, flexibility, reducing physical and emotional pain, and improving body image and self-esteem.

Duration: From 1.15 hour-2h

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