While COVID-19 is still present in our community, Soul in Hands clinic will operate with these changes to standard policies and procedures to protect client safety as much as my own and my family. To follow this procedures efficiently, I treat everyone including myself like a possible asymptomatic COVID-19 Case. This procedures had been designed after months of studying, webinars, courses, conversations and support with dedicated professional bodies in our industry: the IMTA (Massage Association of Ireland), FICTA (Federation of Irleland Complementary Association and ANMPT (Association of Neuromuscular Physical Therapist) in coherence with Official Guidelines.

General policies

BOOKINGS ARE ALWAYS MADE BY APPOINTMENT (phone or email): No walk-in appointments

CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY AT HOME IF FELLING UNWELL or answer “YES” to any of the symptoms in the COVID-19 PRESCREENING FORM previously to arrival.

LATE CANCELATIONS: There is no fee for a late cancelation policy at this time for anyone who develops a fever or symptoms of illness, COVID 19, cold or flu like symptoms. Please call to let me know you feel unwell and we will cancel your appointment without charging you a fee. In the same way you might expect the possibility I have to cancel your appointment in the last minute if, I or a member of my family, develops a cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms.

PRIORITISING REGULAR CLIENTS: My work is very focus in supporting the wellbeing and health of my clients, the relationship is built overtime and that is part of the healing process. New clients are welcome always, but, there is a bit of waiting time and I prioritise referrals from other clients.

PAYMENTS:  card payments and cash accepted

APPOINTMENTS: I am only working 3 clients at day 4 days a week. Appointments have been spaced apart to allow the increased time cleaning required and to ensure no contact between clients.

SESSION TIME: To reduce exposer time, the treatments have been reduce to 1 hour and 15 minutes (including time getting in and out of the clinic). For clients that are in higher risk group like over 70s with any condition, the session will be maximum of 45 minutes (35 min treatment).

MINIMICE IN-SITU TALK: CONSULTATION ONLINE OR PHONE To reduce the amount of droplets being released we will try to do all the chatting over the phone/video call and only minimum talk for the session.

Guidelines to follow


  • I am checking my temperature every morning and monitoring my health symptoms. In the presence of any cold, flu like or COVID symptoms, I will cancel immediately all appointments, contact my GP, isolate and get tested if it is advised.
  • I am wearing a mask at all times during the treatments and in your presence.
  • I am sanitising my hands when I leave and get back in the treatment room, before and after touching you.
  • Outside the clinic, in my personal life, I am reducing my contacts and keeping social distance or wearing a mask when it is not possible.
  • I am even more mindful of my personal self-care and mental health.


PRIORY TO ARRIVAL, please ensure that:

  • Bring your own face mask (If you forget I will have disposable ones available here).
  • Try not wearing any jewellery (wedding ring excepted).
  • Bring only essentials to the treatment room

AT THE CLINIC: ‘minimise touch and sanitize hands’ policy

  • Please wait outside or in your car, until you are called to come in.
  • You will be met at the door. Please do not use the entry buzzer – doors will be held open for you.
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival washing your hands or using the alcohol base sanitiser.
  • FASE MASK for both of us is COMPULSORY inside the clinic
  • Use of the toilet: There are individual hand towels in a basket to use it and put it in the bin provided after use.


  • A touchless sanitisation station is available for your use in the treatment room as well. Please, avoid to come in contact with you phone in the treatment room as you will have to sanitise your hands again (this is very common)
  • Your face mask is worn at all times, only when I am not in the room you can take it off or, when lying face down on the massage table you may remove the face mask, as provision has been made for a sanitary face cradle covering to trap any droplets. This arrangement can be changed if it does not suit your needs.
  • Tissues are provided for your personal needs. A small lined bin is also provided for your discarded tissues or other small waste, which is changed out between clients.
  • For your clothing and accessories a plastic tub is provided.
  • Between clients, the massage table is fully stripped and all linens are replaced with fresh linens, with the used linens placed in a secure sealed laundry bag. Laundry is always done the same evening.
  • Between clients all high touch surfaces and floors of the treatment room, common areas, entrance and toilet are cleaned and disinfected.
  • The room is also well ventilated between clients by opening the window and rear access door. During the treatments the small top window is left open to ensure air circulation at all times.


  • You can book your next appointment before to leave or we arrange to do so after your visit by phone.
  • If any issues or flu like symptoms developed after your treatment you are advised to call your GP practitioner, but you are always welcome to call me and I will answer any question and reassure you about next steps.
  • In a case of a client or therapist testing positive for COVID-19, the Contact tracing will be activated by the HSE (explained on arrival)
  • The COVID-19 Infection is changing all the time, so updates and changes will happen in regulations. We need to be open and embrace change in this time of our lives. I will be there with you.
  • Updated Official State protocols and guidelines
  • Updated Official Health Information about the COVID-19
  • Sources for mental health support at

Thank you for taking the time to read it, any questions, please ask.

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