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Natural home made tooth paste

Why should I bother making my own tooth paste when there are so many brands in the market? There are a few reasons, one obviously is because since I became a massage therapist I am more and more in contact with nature, natural cosmetics and ingredients are a choice to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I have suffered from gingivitis […]

The Beauty of Women by Audrey Hepburd. Happy Women’s day!

BEAUTY TIPS BY AUDREY HEPBURN:   Happy Women’s day. You women are all beautiful and unique. I think Audrey Hepburd had the answers for pure organic beauty. “For lovely lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For slim figure, share your food with the hungry, For beautiful hair, […]

Why massage?

Massage is suitable for every person independently of health condition (there are a few contraindications to take into consideration) Massage is holistic because attends the whole levels of our body:  physical (motor, body systems), mind  (thinking), emotional (feelings, behaviour, caring) and spirit (values,  beliefs, life meaning, transcendence) To name just a few benefits that are […]

What can you do to ease muscle tension (I)

This post is an introductory of other ones to come, full of tips to self manage muscle tension. Fortunately there are a few things you can do for yourself to ease tension. Actually, though, going to get a massage or other kind of therapy might help a lot you are not always able to make […]

What can you do to ease muscle tension (II)

In the previous post I mentioned how important is the holistic view of a symptom to achieve healing. In the present post I review a few techniques that you can recover from your memory to provoke immediate relief. This are instinctive techniques and I use the verb “recover” because, probably you already know all of […]


Create the space and time to have a lovely breakfast,. Breakfast is one of the most important meals. Enjoy that time. Porrige with some honey and berries or a poach egg with some tomatoes on brown toast, a natural juice, mmm yummy! Do not stay at home in your pyjamas. My mother always was telling […]

Natural Facial Lift Massage

There is a popular saying that transcends any culture and sees the face as  “the mirror of the soul”, the Chinese tradition is able to read the face and tell you how healthy you are; the Ayurvedic, Indian tradition, as well believe that the face acts as a window revealing the health of the body; […]

The 5 Rhythms Dance , The Transformation Through Dance

I was looking forward to treat this subject in my blog to introduce you this enjoyable holistic bodywork available in our area. For me, dancing is one of the best ways to get fitness and enjoyment, if added to it you get “therapy”, then you get a great value, don’t you think so? My friend […]


I was feeling very down this morning, my thoughts were messing me around, as a consequence of that my body was feeling very tired and I got pains and aches. I was having a kind of day I wouldn’t like to be in my company, thank God I didn’t meet anybody, otherwise I would have […]

What to do to ease tension III

This is the final chapter about tips to help you to ease tension in your body: 1- Why not to start with Hydrotherapy: Do not worry, the word might sound complicated but this could be so simple as having a shower (getting a good stream of water on the back, swapping temperatures from hot to […]

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