I have found Elena’s treatment to be of the highest quality. She operates in a most professional manner and has an excellent capability to relate to people. Her range of massage treatments are excellent and meet the needs of people, from the busy executive to the elderly person.

I have no hesitation in recommending Elena.



I have attended Elena Rodriguez for massage several times and she is very warm, friendly, welcoming and excellent at her work. I always feel energised with any physical tension melted and totally released after her work.

She is always well presented, friendly and polite and it is very easy to feel relaxed and safe in her hands. I would recommend her to anyone who wants or needs to make time for healthy relaxation, de-stressing or those who needs to release physical tension particularly in the neck, shoulders, arms from computer work etc.

She cares about people and provides and excellent massage and she is well worth a visit for anyone who wants to release stress and enjoy good health.



In following the heart and mind of Marion Rosen, Elena brings a rare and almost unique quality of unconditional love and complete atonement with her client. And because her touch is firm and positive, the treatment is simply a wonderful experience. 



I highly recommend Elena as a Massage Therapist who is very professional, extremely caring and offers one of the best treatments in the country.



Elena is a true professional with a friendly, energetic and warm personality and an expert ambassador for holistic therapies. I very much enjoyed my massages and felt great benefits afterwards. Thank you Elena



Elena is an intuitive, caring and skilled massage therapist. I felt very at ease with her warm hearted approach, and feel really relaxed and recharged after the massages.



Elena, has the power in her hands to reach into your body and restore the imbalances of your soul and bring peace to a troubled mind.


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