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Soul in Hands

Since I remember I had always wanted to help and sooth pain in people. All started with my own awareness of suffering and joy in my childhood. That followed with an acknowledgement of my capacity to feel empathy for other people’s feelings during my teen and youth years. I guess my career unfolded as a journey that made sense based on my values and passion to help others.

My professional journey started in 1992 working in my natal city Zamora (Spain) as a Social Worked and, posteriorly Manager of a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to visualise the systemic complexity of the infection HIV-AIDS, the impact in the World and, the solutions to support people living and dying with HIV-AIDS. During those years I gain skills in relation to humanistic and systemic psychology, holistic health, living and dying accompaniment , sexual education, infection diseases and prevention, emotional skills and peer group facilitation. I learnt then to work as part of a team, because no one can know it all; I learnt that no one can be helped unless they wanted and lastly, I learnt that the person is the solution, not the problem. As a Social Worker I developed my listening skills, but listening people of all conditions helped me to include a non-judgemental open heart.

Massage arrived to my life because I needed to take care of myself to be centred. I was lucky to find a therapist that went further than the physical body with her hands and intention. She released my pain first, but then evolved in helping me to manage my stress and going deep in my emotions and my purpose in Life. We become friends of course (my dear Carmen Mateos).

My experience with touch made me realised how, people who suffers the most has, either being neglected by not receiving touch or, by receiving abusive touch during their lives. The consequences were devastating for the Soul in the case of HIV carriers because discrimination and fear of touch was added to that cocktail, now their bodies not only were in danger but as well other people might perceive it as a “the danger”. Obviously the reflection made me realise that a  “good touch” (with the feeling of safety as the main characteristic) would be very therapeutic in the sense to make people thrive.

I always have the massage vocation in my heart, I was the one massaging my friends on the beach. I remember my first option in college was to get into physiotherapy, but my points were not enough. Funny enough I got into massage in Ireland. I decided to take a break in my career and spend time in Ireland, then being in touch with the beauty of Nature and the raw feeling of learning a new language put me in touch with my Soul, and then Massage came back. This is why I decided to change my career, something was missing in my life purpose and I found it in beautiful Emerald Ireland.

I live in Glendalough since 2005. I became massage therapist in 2010, since then I have developed a practise called Soul in Hands, the aim is to touch the SOUL and to reach it from my own Soul. I facilitate a space where the person can feel safe to blossom to their full potential, what is already there. I keep learning loads of bodywork techniques to help people with pain, stress, connection, body awareness and empowerment to follow a more centred journey in life. I care about people with trauma, cancer, mental and any chronic conditions. My stamp is my presence and a gentle and firm touch. I am interested in how emotions and mind shape the body and vice versa, and how touch and movement can help to unfold our patters to thrive. Harmony and flow is what I search in the tissues.

Currently I am on a course to gain certification in the Lea Kaufman’s Intelligent Movement, this is a type of embodiment movement method based and evolved from the Feldenkrais Method. By the end of this Certification I will be able to offer a tool to help anyone who wants to feel more efficiency in their moment, more ease, freedom from pain or restriction, stability, improve posture, and ultimately more vitality, joy and love in their body and life. This is for everyone. In words of Lea Kaufman, “Moving in an intelligent way, connecting your body and your mind, allows your brain to bloom, your body to work in all its grace, your emotions to harmonize and your creativity to flow with ease”.

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